Why Spray Away?

  • Spray Away is safe

    Spray Away is non-toxic and safe to use around people and pets. You dont need to air a room out after a treatment, and you can sleep in your almost bed immediately after a treatment.

  • Spray Away is effective
    • Spray Away Bed Bugs is designed specifically to kill both bedbugs and their eggs

      Poison based products only kill the bugs and not their eggs.

    • Bed bugs can't become immune to Spray Away

      Spray Away kills the bugs using enzymes which digests their blood and drys the bug out. To treat other household pests like roaches, termites, etc, using poisons is fairly safe. However to continuosly spray poisons into your bed and other furniture is not safe because these poisons stay in the furniture and you are breathing these toxins in when you sleep. Treating bed bugs properly requires several treatments, over time that's a lot of poison in your bed. Additionally bed bugs have developed immunities to many pesticide based products.

    • Spray Away attracts bed bugs by smell

      Once sprayed, bed bugs are attracted to the smell of Spray Away, which will cause them to come out from hiding which makes it easier to see where you need to treat.

    • Spray Away can prevent bringing bed bugs from work or travel

      You can safely spray your luggage after traveling, or your clothing if you work in a hospital before returning home.

  • Spray Away is affordable

    Starting at $27.99, you can get a 16 oz. bottle of Spray Away, enough for a small 1 bedroom apartment or studio. To see how much you need for your home, check out our Spray Away FAQ.