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Spray Away Bed Bugs

Since August of 2007, Spray Away Bed Bugs has been on the front lines of the bed bug epidemic. We have helped thousands of New Yorkers rid their homes of bed bugs. Spray Away is sold in hundreds of stores all over the New York city Tri-State area. Additionally, we count several small hotel chains and nursing facilities as happy clients. Spray Away Bed Bugs can be shipped all over the country as well as internationally either by ordering via our website or by calling us directly.

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Lab tested and proven 90% effective over 4 hour lab treatment period!

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Spray Away 2oz Ready Spray TSA Travel Kit Ready to use (pre-mixed formula)

This bottle requires the addition of water. Please use 8 oz. of Concentrated Spray Away and 24 oz. of water.

$13.99 + s/h Add to Cart

Spray Away 32 oz. Spray Bottle Ready to use (pre-mixed formula)

*This Spray Bottle applicator is free with any purchase of $29.99 or more.

$19.95 + s/h Add to Cart

Spray Away 128 oz. Bottle (makes 4 gallons) + FREE Spray Applicator

This bottle requires the addition of water. Please use 8 oz. of Concentrated Spray Away and 24 oz. of water.

$149.99 + s/h Add to Cart

Spray Away 16 oz. Bottle (makes 64 ounces)

This bottle requires the addition of water. Please use 8 oz. of Concentrated Spray Away and 24 oz. of water.

$27.99 + s/h Add to Cart

Spray Away Usage Instructions

It is important to understand that every apartment and house that has bed bugs is completely different. This means that treatment for each house can be somewhat different. Factors like carpeting, if the bugs are in the walls, different kinds of beds and other variables will make each treatment program slightly different. The following recommendations may not all apply to your case. We are happy to answer any questions about your particular case, and we encourage you to call us for specific recommendations.


Client Product Reviews

  • "Shortly after buying a refurbished mattress for my first very own apartment, I started to notice brown markings around my bed sheets, at the same time I noticed small red bites on my stomach, back, legs, and arms. Little did I know what I was in for. I spent more money than I care to think about between products and services that didn't work, not to mention new furniture, bedding and clothing. If I had been aware of Spray Away, I could've saved myself a lot of money and frustration, it is the only product that I found that completely kills all bedbugs. Some of the other products I tried would help a little, but the bugs kept coming back. Only three days after I started spraying my apartment with spray away I noticed there were no bugs to be found in my bed or futon which is where I had the most bugs. It's now been almost a year since I've seen a bed bug, and I'm sure thanks to Spray Away I'll never see one again."

    -Stacy Halpern in Bayridge, Brooklyn

  • I live in Queens, and had a recent infestation of bedbugs. We thought we were getting mauled by mosquitoes until we figured it out. We told our landlord and he ran out to get us some Spray Away, and as of the very next day we were not being bitten anymore. I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that your product is excellent and took care of the problem very efficiently, in concert with diatomaceous earth. Your product let me sleep again, without poisoning myself or spending huge amounts of money to get the problem solved. Thank you for being one of very few businesses I have dealt with who offer a guarantee that they can actually back up.

    -Rob in Queens

  • This is not my first time dealing with bed bugs. Many years ago in a college dorm I suffered from an infestation and had to throw out clothing, mattresses and other personal items, and there was really no solution. The insecticides were poisonous and made me sick. This time, I did my research and found your product and the infestation took little time to treat, I did not have to throw out any of my belongings and I want to thank you for putting out this product!

    -Shandy Rothstein in Brooklyn, NY

  • I can't begin to thank you for your great product. When my building started to know what bed bugs were, we had no where to turn so we searched out the internet and tried a few places with no luck and lots of money spent. Finally we found your website and decided to try it and it was a miracle. No smell, safe and no bugs! Plus the price was great. The staff is always ready to help. Thank you so much!

    -Jim Taylor San Diego, CA